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Employee Relations

HR Audits: All posters, records, files, policies & procedures and general operational issues are reviewed for compliance.  We use numerous checklists which are designed to ensure continued legal compliance and help monitor daily activities. 

Employee Handbooks: Jackson & Associates creates customized employee handbooks and reviews existing ones for accuracy and compliance.  We will submit recommendations for improvement and new policies and procedures as applicable.  All handbooks are legally reviewed.  Work may be performed on site or remotely.

New Hire and Termination Processing

We will review and provide systematic processes for hiring and releasing employees, including applicant and tracking forms, offer letters, reference checking information, new employee orientation, mentor systems, exit interviews, and other programs. Jackson & Associates also reviews external and in-house recruiting procedures and prepares recommendations related to hiring and determining salary ranges.

HR Forms

We provide or design customized HR forms for any activity and work with staff to prepare forms for review. We also work with a publisher and could have everything produced for the organization.

Performance Management

Design performance appraisal programs for employers ranging from a staff of 5 employees to hundreds. Create a performance management program that supports the objectives and rewards systems of the organization – that reflects the culture of the organization and staff.
Other areas relating to performance management include:

Job Descriptions: Develop a comprehensive approach to analyze positions and their worth to the organization as well as their internal and external market value. Develop salary ranges based on survey data that are market competitive and internally equitable. We select benchmark positions for comparison with similar organizations and utilize a point factor analysis to establish internal comparable worth measurements.

  • Review and designate FLSA classifications.
  • Provide standardized job description questionnaires.
  • Conduct salary surveys.
  • Develop salary ranges and grades. Prepare recommendations related to hiring and determining salaries.
  • Review all policies on wage and salary administration.
Educational Assistance and Training & Development

Training programs: Flexible and customizable programs to address specific organizational issues, performed on site or off by Jackson & Associates or in house staff trained by us. Sample standard training programs and workshops include:

  • Communications Workshop – Hands on program for management and staff.
  • The Role of the Supervisor
  • Conducting Effective Performance Appraisals
  • Goal Setting and Results
  • Effective Employee Communications
  • Selection Interviewing Skills
  • Corrective Action and Discipline
  • Teamwork: Skills for the Future
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • The Application of Social Styles Indicator at Work
  • Sexual Harassment Training
  • Ethics Training
  • Developing Effective Orientation Programs
  • Human Resources and Legal Compliance Issues – What You Don’t Know Can Definitely Hurt You!