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Robert W. Jackson

Experience and Capabilities Synopsis

June 2011

Robert W. Jackson has over 30 years of management, marketing and human resources management experience with large and small financial services companies, trade associations and technology companies. During his career he has managed major profit centers; product development and research teams; advertising, public relations and investor relations functions; and human resources. He is a graduate of Roanoke College with a BBA and graduate studies in Public Information Administration from American University.

As an entrepreneurial strategist he has a proven record of conceptualizing and launching innovative products and piloting marketing strategies that consistently generate sales and profits. He is a pragmatic leader who develops clear, goal-oriented strategies and supporting tactics. He is also highly effective in negotiating agreements and contracts with business partners that produce profitable, lasting relationships.

Most recently, this experience has been applied to the staffing and human resources needs of banking, trade association and technology companies based in the Washington, DC region. He has recruited executive level, doctorate level and technical staff for these companies. He has also developed performance appraisal programs, travel and confidentiality policies and complete employee handbooks.

Mr. Jackson’s early experience with GEICO provided him with his strong business foundation. There he worked closely with the President and CEO as the Director of Investor Relations and Public Affairs prior to GEICO’s acquisition by Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. From there he became a marketing officer in GEICO’s life insurance companies and a principal in GEICO’s broker dealer.

Mr. Jackson later joined Sallie Mae, Inc. where he oversaw a cross-functional team in the development of Sallie Mae’s industry leading student loan consolidation program. His team completed the interpretation of federal legislation that authorized the program, designed the product, built the loan origination and servicing operations, conducted focus research and launched the advertising and marketing campaigns. He managed this program and built the telephone sales and servicing units as its scale grew to over $2 billion per year in annual loan originations.

This success led to his role as Vice President of Product Development where his staff developed new, privately insured student loan products and he managed the development of parent loan products that became the standards of the industry. He then became Vice President of Marketing and advertising for Sallie Mae and added the company’s advertising, product research and marketing research teams to his responsibilities.

Following this assignment Mr. Jackson was asked to build a partnership marketing program for Sallie Mae that would provide new sources of revenue for the company. Over the following years he and his staff developed valuable new partnerships with the nation’s leading banks, insurance companies and consumer product companies and managed the marketing of their products and services to Sallie Mae’s 10 million customers. This venture grew over the years into Sallie Mae’s single most profitable business venture in terms of return on investment.

Following retirement from Sallie Mae in late 2008 Mr. Jackson joined Congressional Bank, a small community bank based in Bethesda, Md, as a Senior Vice President in charge of staffing the organization and leading its transformation from a highly customer-service focused institution into one that was also a leader in sales and new business generation. An important facet of this assignment was to develop a performance incentive program for the executive team and managers that was linked to the attainment of sales and business profitability goals.

In August of 2009 Mr. Jackson joined forces with his wife, Judith B. Jackson, as a partner in Jackson & Associates Consulting Services to concentrate on the growing need for competent human resources recruiting, management and consulting in the Washington, DC area. In this role he focuses on recruiting talent for businesses and trade associations and developing strategies and tools to help these enterprises grow by managing their most valuable resources, their employees.