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HR Outsourcing

What HR Outsourcing Can Do for Your Company:
  • Establish an HR function that can be turned over to a trained HR professional;
  • Have an outsourced HR professional work at your office one or more days per week or month just to make sure your company is in compliance and specific jobs are being completed;
  • Conduct on-site audits at your request;
  • Set up a monthly retainer for Q&A’s;
  • Manage an outsource HR function where you need it the most.
Jackson & Associates can:
  • Establish an in-house HR department and service it for you;
  • Hire and train a director and staff members to maintain your HR function;
  • Set up and implement customized policies and procedures;
  • Coordinate an outsource program that handles all the legal and compliance issues;
  • Provide a comprehensive review and set of recommendations for your benefits and compensation programs;
  • Identify recruitment needs and develop recruitment, hiring, and onboarding strategies