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Judith B. Jackson

Experience and Capabilities Synopsis

June 2011

Judith B. Jackson has over 30 years of experience in human resources administration as a manager, trainer, and director of human resources functions within several companies. She has been responsible for designing and conducting training workshops, developing and administering employee opinion surveys, conducting staff recruiting, strategic planning, developing and implementing employee relations, internal communications, and compensation programs.

As an employment recruiter and manager, she has interviewed and recruited all levels of personnel. She has managed the employment functions for organizations that included hiring, counseling, promoting and training employees.

Her experience with a Fortune 500 company of 3000 + employees included a wide variety of supervisory management training and “train the trainer” programs. In addition, she interviewed and counseled all levels of employees, and was part of the labor relations’ team that consulted with management as well as field personnel. As a consultant, she has conducted workshops and programs for a variety of clients including the Library of Congress, FEMA, National Institutes of Health, Clark Construction Group, Property Management Association,

Physicians’ Medical Association, The Endocrine Society, The Optical Society of America, Population Reference Bureau, The National AIDS Fund, So Others Might Eat (SOME), The Women’s Business Center, Policy Studies Associates, Child Trends, Population Reference Bureau, Montgomery County Collaboration Council, The National Black Child Development Institute, Composite Panel Association, Population Action International, Apple Federal Credit Union, and other public and private sector businesses.

Ms. Jackson researched, designed, and prepared performance appraisals and career systems and training classes on how to implement new systems as well as administer effective performance management programs. She has managed the activities of salary administration units and developed and administered policy guidelines. She has developed job descriptions, conducted salary surveys, and integrated the results within total performance management and compensation programs.

Her experience as an opinion survey researcher involved the administration of corporate-wide employee opinion surveys. She has worked with several organizations in the design of customized survey programs from conducting initial focus groups, administering the surveys, facilitating feedback sessions with management and staff personnel, and communicating the results to management and staff.

She has a BA from Roanoke College in Psychology and has completed graduate work in personnel and counseling. She is also a certified instructor in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. As an outsource human resources professional, she has provided expertise and guidance in sensitive employee relations and legal compliance issues. She has conducted organizational development analyses, prepared recommendations for clients, and assisted in the implementation of the final decisions and programs. She has advised management in the strategic role of human resources within the organization, and designed and implemented customized programs to provide totally integrated performance management and compensation programs for organizations.