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Human Resources Audit


Jackson & Associates will ensure your organization is in compliance.  Two of our products are HR Audits and comprehensive and legally approved Employee Handbooks.  We review all compliance issues, posters, records, files and procedures as well as general operational issues.  We utilize numerous checklists which ensure continued compliance with legal regulations and make it easier for the HR Director to follow up on these topics.  Jackson & Associates creates customized Employee Handbooks or reviews existing ones for accuracy and compliance making recommendations regarding policies and procedures or offering new ones where applicable. All handbooks may receive legal reviews to make sure the organization’s policies are legally sound.  We will conduct or train the HR department to conduct training sessions for staff on the contents of the handbook.

How we conduct an audit:


Meet with human resources to (1) Review policies and procedures; (2) Post compliance information; and (3) Organize documentation


Conduct holistic review of the HR department and make recommendations on all HR functions including

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Compensation
  • Benefits Management
  • Employee Relations Policies and Procedures
  • Payroll Requirements
  • Record keeping
  • Training and Development
  • Employee Communications
  • Employee Handbook
  • Compliance Posters

Complete audit and prepare report of the results. Discuss the results and outcome with the HR personnel, Staff, under direction, or Jackson & Associates implement changes.


Follow up on a regularly scheduled basis with any new information which impacts the compliance and effectiveness of the human resources department.


Remember! What you don’t know will hurt you...an Human Resources Audit is essential in today’s environment and just makes good business sense.