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Ethel Miranda

Experience and Capabilities Synopsis

June 2011

Ethel Miranda has more than 30 years of experience in the behind-the-scenes administrative assistant position.  After having worked for a federal health benefit plan for 25 years, Ethel signed on with Jackson and Associates ten years ago as Judi’s Project Administrator.  As an administrative assistant, she gained valuable experience in working with all levels of personnel in program management activities.  Her organizational and team building skills made her a strong asset to the company.

Ethel’s responsibilities include conducting research for the most up-to-date advances in the human resource industry; creating/revising/customizing employee handbooks, forms and policies; meeting with clients to determine/provide initial compliance assessments; networking with clients on a regular basis; and providing administrative and organizational support to Jackson & Associates.  Ethel keeps abreast of the latest updates in the HR industry through continual research and posts information regularly to our website.  She frequently goes on site with clients and completes HR Audits and instructs staff on the use of the employee handbook.