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Government Contractors

Jackson & Associates work with government contractors who experience the same human resource issues of other organizations, but are often faced with the requirement of managing an Affirmative Action Plan and submitting government reports to the EEOC. This involves employee data collection and reporting of which contractors are often unaware. We either work with staff to instruct them on compliance with federal reporting requirements, or we can take over the assignment completely. It is extremely important that these reports are completed or continued funding may be in jeopardy.

In addition, we have worked with small organizations who just received their contracts to get them to a point where they are compliant. This may mean preparing an employee handbook, hiring new staff, establishing new hire and orientation procedures, setting up payroll, developing files and procedures, establishing a benefits and compensation program. etc. Often we have to respond with a quick turnaround to meet the contractor's obligations.


Non Profits

A non-profit association requested a Human Resources Director for a temporary period while the existing one took FMLA leave.  During this period we took charge of the existing office so the HR function could continue without interruption.  We were able to continue recruiting and hiring of staff and other related functions while working two days a week for six months until the HR Director returned from leave.

In addition to handling everyday issues, we conducted an HR Audit, salary survey, rewrote job descriptions, reconstructed salary scales, edited the employee handbook, counseled employees, conducted exit interviews and recruited new staff.

One of the biggest audits centered on reviewing and correcting the personnel files. Compliance regulations require a minimum of two separate files for each employee, a medical/confidential file and a employee file. Also, employers are legally required to keep I-9's and proof of citizenship in a separate folder or binder under lock and key in a different cabinet. We reviewed each file and organized the material so the files were legally compliant.


Small Businesses

A business needed an HR Audit, a new employee handbook and a series of seminars on sexual harassment and ethics training. Jackson & Associates met with the HR Director on site to determine priorities and establish a course of action. We provided an excellent trainer who conducted a variety of workshops and customized the programs to train 60 employees over four days on sexual harassment and ethics. The programs were informative, interactive and received well by everyone. These workshops may be customized to go into whatever level of detail is required by the client.

Next action item was to conduct an HR Audit which was done in conjunction with the HR Director. We reviewed all the personnel files, policies and procedures, and made recommendations as necessary. We reviewed the employee handbook and updated information for compliance purposes as well as suggested/revised policies and procedures. After review, we asked our employment attorney to review the material for both federal and state compliance.