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Compensation and Benefits

Did you know that laws and regulations like HIPPA, COBRA, FMLA, GINA, IRS, ADA and other acronyms all have a direct impact on your organizationís bottom line and whether or not you are in regulatory compliance? In addition to providing updates and requirements in the benefits legislative areas, Jackson & Associates provides you with all the information, forms, and policies needed to process the paperwork required under these plans. New laws like the Lily Leadbetter Act will require employers to thoroughly review their compensation and salary programs to ensure they are equitable and non-discriminatory. Job descriptions should be current and salary scales should have been reviewed on a regular basis. We specialize in all of these areas, especially salary surveys and will construct salary ranges or banes to insure you are compliant.

In todayís economy, the cost of health care insurance is rapidly increasing and long gone are the days when the company paid for everything. Jackson & Associates works with the top brokers in the area and we are prepared to evaluate your current benefits and compensation practices. Our benefit broker specialists will shop your benefits to insure the best quality benefits programs are provided to your staff at the most affordable costs. We will assess your organizationís needs and can provide a total solutions approach to one or more of the following:

Corporate Benefits

Financial Planning & Investments

Check out our newest feature, COMPLIANCE DASHBOARD, which is an online tool to provide employers with their obligations under Federal laws that govern health and welfare benefits. This tool will help you keep in compliance with the health plan laws and mandates and tell you what you have to do and when you have to do it. COMPLIANCE DASHBOARD gives you all the information you need about compliance in one easy-to-navigate web site. Laws are broken down into compliance activities, each with its own web page designed to give you a concise and relevant explanation of how to comply with the law being presented. The compliance web page has links to additional tools and resources that you can use for more in-depth research on a compliance topic. It promises to make the lives of HR professional a lot better.